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Published from 1980 - 1986 by Calaveras County
Equestrian Management & Promotional Services,
Alief, Texas.
Owner & editor: Olva Stewart Pharo.

Slogan: "The Horse Sheet readers get the real sheet."

Committment: All the news fit to print about
hunter/Jumper. combined training & dressage in
Texas. Didn't know much about dressage at first.
In 1980 there was no publication doing this in Texas.
The right hand did not know what the left hand was
doing. An eventer did not know there was a dressage
show right down the road that would be helpful to
them. It became THE HORSE SHEET's purpose
to fill that gap.

The very first issue of THE HORSE SHEET
was published in June, 1980, and was one sheet of
paper folded to make 4 pages, typed, copied and
distributed at the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show
in the AstroArena. That issue follows.

There are 5 more years. Watch this page.

The Horse Sheet, June, 1980, Volume I, Number 1

June pg. 1

June pg. 2

June pg. 3

June pg. 4

The Horse Sheet, July, 1980, Volume I, Number 2

July pg. 1

July pg. 2

July pg. 3

July pg. 4

July pg. 5

July pg. 6

The Horse Sheet, August, 1980, Volume I, Number 3

Aug. pg. 1

Aug. pg. 2

Aug. pg. 3

Aug. pg. 4

Aug. pg. 5

Aug. pg. 6

Aug. pg. 7

Aug. pg. 8

The Horse Sheet, September, 1980, Volume I, Number 4

Sept. pg. 1

Sept. pg. 2

Sept. pg. 3

Sept. pg. 4

Sept. pg. 5

Sept. pg. 6

Sept. pg. 7

Sept. pg. 8

The Horse Sheet, October, 1980, Volume I, Number 5

Oct. pg. 1

Oct. pg. 2

Oct. pg. 3

Oct. pg. 4

Oct. pg. 5

Oct. pg. 6-7

Oct. pg. 8

Oct. pg. 9

Oct. pg. 10

Oct. pg. 11

Oct. pg. 12

The Horse Sheet, November, 1980, Volume I, Number 6

Nov. Cover, pg. 1

Nov. pg. 2

Nov. pg. 3

Nov. pg. 4

Nov. pg. 5

Nov. pg. 6

Nov. pg. 7

Nov. pg. 8

Nov. pg. 9

Nov. pg. 10

Nov. pg. 11

Nov. pg. 12

The Horse Sheet, December, 1980, Volume I, Number 7

Dec. Cover, pg. 1

Dec. pg. 2

Dec. pg. 3

Dec. pg. 4

Dec. pg. 5

Dec. pg. 6

Dec. pg. 7

Dec. pg. 8

Dec. pg. 9

Dec. pg. 10

Dec. pg. 11

Dec. pg. 12

Dec. pg. 13

Dec. pg. 14

Dec. pg. 15

Dec. pg. 16

THE HORSE SHEET was published from 1980-1986.
Enjoy a trip down Memory Lane.
People and horses we have known. Some are still out there.

If you have any questions contact me at:

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