Great Southwest Equestrian Center Mascot

Missy visiting my tent.

Missy in my Tent

Missy makes her inspection.

Missy GSEC

24 hour guard.
Missy on Dressage

What do they say about dressage?

Missy relaxing

Comfy at last.

Latest correspondence from Missy. . . .

Missy In Waiting

"Hey, Miss Olva, when is your tent coming back?"

Missy in the horse show office.

Missy GSEC

Missy GSEC

This is my best side.
Missy GSEC

My office job: Paperweight.
Missy GSEC

The best. Hugs from my faithful caregiver, Amy.

Missy's balancing act.

Missy GSEC

Missy imitatimg a Cheshire Cat

Missy GSEC

You expect me to catch mice? Now?
More Missy

Missy GSEC

Missy, Happiest Barn Cat Ever

Missy GSEC

Dreams of . . . . riding the range?
Missy GSEC

Practised art of the "Semi-liquid" State

Missy on the Prowl

Missy GSEC

Missy exploring my tent

Missy GSEC

Missy on the prowl.
Missy GSEC

Now where?
Missy GSEC

Next. . .

Missy GSEC

What's this?
Missy GSEC

Now you see me . . .

Missy GSEC

. . .now you don't.


Good Night

To see Missy, in person, you must attend a horse show at
Great Southwest Equestrian Center, Katy, TX.
She is usually assisting Amy in the office during the day.
At night she is out doing her "barn cat job"
except when my booth is there,
then she stops by for an evening visit.

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